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21st Birthday Photoshoot

HAPPY THURSDAY! In case you missed it, I turned 21 in September. My mom had the cutest idea to do a birthday photoshoot. She made me a hair appointment with my favorite hairstylist ever– Jennifer at Rande Barras salon in Biloxi. She absolutely slayed my hair! I was OBSESSED. I glittered a champagne bottle and … Continue reading 21st Birthday Photoshoot

Bookcase under $40

Happy Monday, friends! I have to share this little home steal with y’all. It’s going to rock your world. I needed somewhere to put my jewelry, books, and other Knick knacks. They were clogging up my closet, and if you’re like me, clutter drives me NUTS! Like it literally puts me in a bad mood … Continue reading Bookcase under $40


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