Bookcase under $40

Happy Monday, friends! I have to share this little home steal with y’all. It’s going to rock your world.

I needed somewhere to put my jewelry, books, and other Knick knacks. They were clogging up my closet, and if you’re like me, clutter drives me NUTS! Like it literally puts me in a bad mood 😂 So we went to Target yesterday and I saw this perfect little bookcase. And y’all… it was only $35! 😱 It wasn’t hard to put together (I did it all by myself 💪🏼) and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! The shelves are adjustable, so you can definitely play around with it.

If you’re looking for a cheap, easy, but also stylish piece of furniture to store your favorite goodies, look no further.

Here’s the link!

It also comes in black, but I’m a huge fan of all things light and bright when it comes to home decor.

Thanks for reading, babe!

XOXO — Kendall

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